We invite contributions or participate!
Donate - send their love to donate for support, eliminating the gap between rich and poor.
Volunteer - according to his ability, to participate in volunteer work for the community to make responsible.
Care - care about their hearts and cherish every opportunity to make it more goodness.

Community Kitchen-- Poverty Reduction Support Meal Program
Purpose: To provide meals for the grass-roots community
Funding methods: In-kind assistance, funding
A Cup of Cold Water Project
Purpose: To provide immediate physical help poor people
Funding methods: In-kind assistance
Food Bank(short-term food assistance service project)
Purpose: To provide meals for the grassroots community
Funding methods: In-kind assistance, funding
“Cheer Up”Emotional Support Hotline
Purpose: To serve people who need appropriate emotional soothing in Hong Kong, and the other in response to the problem of new immigrants and low-income families , providing for women “body, mind, and spirit” of telephone counseling and social support services
Subsidy approach: Financial, material assistance, job matching and referral practical assistance
Poverty Visits
Objective: Visits / wash floor activities for poor people to send greetings gift packs and follow up other needs
Subsidy approach: Providing green bags, nutrition noodles, warm clothing, etc.
Poverty Reduction Activities
Purpose: To provide free activities for poor families, so that each family physical and mental development opportunities, and promote family harmony
Subsidy approach: Funding