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Love, Change the World

There are a lot of problems in our society nowadays. Due to the pressure of daily life, the alienation from those around people, the lack of love and mutual support to each other and the losing of morality, definitely triggered off many negative family and youth issues in Hong Kong. All should know that family is the cornerstone of society and the development and harmony of society is dependable on strengthening of our healthy family bonding and mutual care. This is our mission to establish this charity group, GRATEFUL HEART CHARITABLE FOUNDATION, to serve the community.

Grateful Heart Charitable Foundation (Charity registration number: 91/9181) was founded in 2007 by Dr. Joyce Tsang, also a pioneer in Hong Kong beauty industry. Dr. Tsang came from a single-parent family and her grow-up is under difficult and unfavorable environment. Thus, she has a thoughtful understanding of various social problems in our society. Dr. Tsang overcame countless difficulties with her tough and indomitable character and strives for her success today. With the rich experience and remarkable vision, Dr. Tsang is now becoming a very famous and successful entrepreneur in the beauty industry. Over the years, Dr. Tsang has also committed herself to participate in social affairs so as to promote the caring culture and help the disadvantaged groups.

Establish the Grateful Heart Charitable Foundation is the vision of Dr. Tsang. She wishes to encourage the young and poor people by her personal experience. As a social entrepreneur, it is grateful to promote the concept of "Helping others is the basis of happiness" and "change the world from the heart". She also hopes the foundation could assemble the power and efforts from various communities and parties, cooperate with different social groups and encourage the public to concern about the needy in the community. By helping the disadvantaged and expressing the caring heart, everyone can be a guardian angel of his/her family, friends, neighbors and even strangers. It is sure that the whole society would be benefited.

Our Mission

The formation of GHCF allows us to serve the community in New Territories western district with total caring on their body, heart and soul, providing with suitable supports and assistances to the different individuals in need. With the heritage of Jesus’s Faith, Hope and Love, we hope and trust, HIS gospel can be spread out to every family and people through our one-stop family services and HE let all live in a fruitful life and build up their own family with obedience to Jesus’s Faith, Hope and Love and good neighborly community with mutual help. We trust everyone will sense, “Loves are going around themselves, cultivating into their hearts everywhere.” Our mission is to foster the virtue of “Helping others as the basis element in getting true happiness” from the individual to the whole society, use a beautiful life affecting to another life. Our foundation will also agglomerate more powers and efforts from various communities and parties, cooperate with different social groups and organizations to hold different kind of charitable activities and functions and social services. On one hand, with the concept of “To help people, to help themselves”, we provide different tools and ways to the needy in improving their living so as to solve their problems shortly; on the other hand, GHCF encourage the public to concern our community by helping those less fortunate so as to advocate the culture of Love and assist the grassroots-group in need.

Registration date:2007.11.01

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